The Seat Scarf Story

My name is Eva, and after contracting a very bad bacterial infection that left me horribly sick for one full year, I became hypersensitive to germs and bacteria. So much so that it led me to the creation of the “Seat Scarf”.

The “Seat Scarf” is a durable, hygienic and fashionable barrier that protects you and your clothes from dirty seating surfaces. How many times have you sat at the edge of your seat while wearing shorts, dresses, skirts, or pants that you worried about staining and or contaminating?

My “Seat Scarf” creates a fashionable barrier between you and the seating surfaces. So rest comfortably, knowing your skin and clean clothes are protected from questionable seating surfaces.

It is the MANDATORY accessory you never knew you needed.

You will never sit again without thinking of the “Seat Scarf”